Wes Lee Music Mojo Bag
  • Wes Lee Music Mojo Bag
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The WES LEE MUSIC MOJO BAG has been hand crafted to pay homage to the Blues culture and mirror some of the items that Wes carries in his own bag. Libby Rae Watson created some of her famous bottle cap art. Thomas Jackson created a beautiful card size version of his original Charley Patton painting. SKULLS & BEADS: Skulls, in beads or sugar skulls, venerate the dead. For this bag their symbolism of honoring the musicians of Blues traditions who have passed on, such as Charley Patton, Father of the Delta Blues. MOJO HAND: The holder of the HAMSA or mojo hand expects to be protected from all negative energies, especially envious glares from people wishing you no good. The eye in the hand represents the eye that sees everything, nothing escapes this eye so that it protects against all evil encounters. WHISKEY TOP: Whiskey is the alcohol of hoodoo magic and acts to feed the spirit of the bag continuing its energy. COTTON and DIRT from Mississippi, home to many great musicians, a place to dig in your roots. BLACK EYED PEAS are intended for prosperity and good luck, added with a DIME to draw money to the holder. STONES help to ground negativity and FEATHERS can be useful to help dust off jinxes. BOTTLE CAP PIN (one/assorted) is for you to carry some of the bag's magic with you if you desire, with images of iconic Mississippi roads or other cultural significance. Other assorted BEADS, CARDS included plus the bag is large enough for you to add more items from your adventures. The contents of these bags are meant as symbolism and culture. They are not a guarantee of results based on its contents.

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